Live at ‘Waterfall’
The Penny, Canterbury

A local gig for Kent based trancers - Aural Resonance, veterans of several squat parties and recent graduates to the more high profile events like Escape from Samsara, Tantrism and Trancegression. Now expanded to a four piece, they have a stage presence which so many dance artists lack, not only that - they actually do things, like jump up and down, and source all their sounds live from the numerous bits of techno kit filling the stage; much more exciting than miming to DAT with an unplugged keyboard... The sign of a good new band is when the tunes appear familiar without being obviously ripped off, and A.R. have got plenty of them, combined with some mad drum beats, crunchy loops and loads of acidic riffing.

Combined with their fluro image - luminous hair braids and DJ /dancer Dave’s L.E.D nipple attachments, there is a punky chaotic edge to what they do, and despite a few extended gaps between the beats, they keep the crowd dancing - not that easy in a venue which shuts at midnight; most techno events haven’t even started at that time.

When more trance and dance music is presented like this, perhaps it will start to win over the legions of gig - goers who still moan about ‘proper’ instruments - electronic music can ‘rock’ in a far more interesting way than the majority of retro guitar acts around. Punk and Rock music is about getting the adrenaline going - so is dance music, and Aural Resonance do that; I would have preferred more volume, but being ‘a bit on the quiet side’ is often the bane of techno bands playing gig venues - why do these places never have any bottom end? Go and see this band at a club or party for maximum ‘Aural’ excitement.


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