Flexistentialism charts the development of Ninja Tune artists since Funkjazztical tricknology (the last ninja cuts compilation). Returning are old favourites such as DJ Food, 9 Lazy 9 & the wonderful Funky Porcini. There's also some new names for you to check out such as the Uschi Classen Band, 2Player & The Illuminati Of Hedfuk. The latter being Matt Black & Jonathon More of Coldcut, DJ food & Hex fame, in yet another guise. One of the many highlights is Coldcuts 'atomic moog 2000', an antinuke amphetamine bassfunk workout and a long-lost cousin to the mission impossible theme tune. Coldcut say of atomic moog 2000 that they "wanted to make a vague comment about the outrageous nuclear testing programme". Of late the bods at Ninja Tune have been getting back behind those wheels of steel & spinning tunes to make you dance. You can hear how this has influenced the compiling of these tracks. For the most part, Flexistentialism is much more about dancing. There is a generous helping of Ninja style funk but they're not about to be bracketed by the limits of any genre. Ninja tune have always been about mixing things & as usual "its all right here in the mix". The album starts upbeat & funky, then over the space of a couple of tracks both weirds you out and eases you down. Then just as you thought it was safe to nod out, it does a U- turn & builds you right back up to fever pitch, leaving you about to collapse in a sticky mess on the floor. To close, it pops a chill pill on the end of your tongue. So that whether you're sitting on the sidelines soaking up the vibe or up there dipping your hips with the best of 'em, there's always liquid bass & squelching sex enough for all. So step into the realm of ninja, experience the joy of dex, & taste some flexistentialist, scratchmological waxploitation . Find your own rhythm & dance your own dance.

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