Joyriding on the darkside , Juryman loves it. Juryman has no time for the law, changing speeds with two fingers out of the window. 70 - 160 bpm with no respect for the law.

21st Century Turn is somewhat of a departure for NTONE due to it being vocal-led and with what sounds like real string bass. The vocals put you in mind of Tricky, a world of close miking, one part talking, one part whisper. The track on the whole is also slightly reminiscent of early 80's late night radiostuff, but now with subtle junglist rhythms to bring it bang up to date, it becomes some sort of a masterpiece. The remaining 3 tracks are much more of a beatsical affair with 'Iff The Law Suits' coming out tops. This one features a haunting soundtrack-like piano drifting through a genuine mood piece. The tempos backing this tune are constantly changing and as a consequence plays havoc with your nerves. 'Iff The Law Suits' changes tempo more often than your average lawman changes his socks. Apparently this guy used to be in the Sandals: well, boy, has he moved on. Juryman seems to be mutating into some sort of beatsical genius & lets hope he can outrun the long arm of the law for a few years yet.


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