Artist : Vibronics
Title : Jah Light Jah Love
Label : Deep Root Records
Released : 24/4/98

'Jah Light Jah Love' is release Number 001 for Deep Root Records and is released simultaneously with 001.'Deep Root' has been set up by Zion Train and Universal Egg as a seven inch dub plate specialist.

The single's main hook is a loop of the lyric "jah light jah love" which gives the tune both its title and a hypnotic trance-like edge. The backing is mainly digital, but with a warm rootsical feel, complete with melodica and deep 303 bass drums.

The double A-side version is a late-night, deep-in-dub affair, ideal for those long all-nighters, where you can really explore the depths of the dub.

In a genre so often dominated by the male of the species, it's refreshing to hear this record's female lead vocals. Am I wrong? or is there not nearly enough female-led Dub/Roots/Reggae?! If anyone out there is "'aving it" in a female stylee, I'd love to hear from ya.

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