Escaped your terminal lately? Loved it, hated it, then let us know. These are new pages where we at Free Radical Sounds invite you to send your reviews and opinions of stuff you've witnessed. It can be anything at all a gig, a club, even a demonstration. Here's your chance to let everyone know what to avoid and what not to miss in your particular paty of the stratosphere. Clive Subculture from Kent, England starts the ball rolling. Now it's your turn. e-mail us with your rants at:-
freerad @ kemptown.co.uk

"There's loads of fucking good music out there, so it's a shame that everything's so bloody formulaic. Most people like lots of different styles, but when they're out, they have to put up with every record having the same fucking beat. I'm not into that, I like to surprise people and I want people not to have any idea of where it's going next. Genre-hopping, barrier-breaking, that's where it's at".
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