Smug Pariah's second cassette is a happy affair featuring lots of great melodic punk racket. I don't know whether they've recently left their day jobs or if they've found new love, but there's lots of optimism within these ten tracks. It's not what they're singing, it's the way they're playing, full of enthusiasm, silly breaks and mad backing vocals. On the whole, the tape brings to mind a time when punk was yes about having a conscience, but also about having a laugh and holding up your pint / spliff or whatever, singing your lungs out, dancing, falling over and getting picked up again just in time for the next chorus.

For up to date and relevant melodic punk-rock for the late nineteen-nineties I highly recommend Smug Pariah. If you can get to see them live then do it , if not then get hold of a copy of Less thrills a.s.a.p. But beware, you may find yourself jumping round the room wrecking your complacent life and wishing you too had the courage to live.

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